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The goal is that all mariners should know about the pros and cons of including a sea anchor and/or a drogue on-board their vessel. Then they can make an informed decision about what equipment to carry and, when put to the test, they will at least have some idea of how and when to use it.

But they won't know that if they have never heard of them. So we are asking you to help us spread the word. As you can see, this site is both free, and non-partisan. We do not align ourselves with any particular manufacturers, and we remain totally impartial, aiming only to provide as objective information as we can.

So, will you help us spread the word?

Here is how you can help:

  1. Tell your friends about the site,
  2. Put a link on your blog or website point to us.
    You can code it like this:
    <a href='http://dragdevicedb.com'>{some text}</a>
    which will display like this: {some text}
    Just replace the phrase {some text} with your own words. This helps with our search engine positioning which, again, helps people to find us.
  3. Are you artistic? We need help with designing a 'badge' that people can put on their website that instantly conveys what the DDDB is about, and can be used as an easy way to point people to our site.We are looking for a graphic image, about 165px wide (though it should be scaleable up and down), that would fit nicely in a sidebar on a blog. If you can design one, please send it to us.If your design is chosen, you will be proud to see it displayed across many sites!Please note that in submitting your design to us you agree to release all copyrights to us so that we can freely us it and allow other people to post it on their own sites.

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